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5 Evergreen Blogging Ideas That Always Work

As a blogger, you’re always in a pursuit of new blogging ideas that will capture your readers’ attention. Some days, your mind is exploding with new concepts, and some days your mind is … well, just blank.

So what’s a blogger to do when their mind becomes a blank page with no words in sight? Lucky for you, you have friends. Friends like us who fought the battle for you and found these 5 amazing evergreen blogging ideas that work:

“How To” Articles

“How To” articles are one of the most popular, bookmarked and linked to articles on the web.

Their popularity lies in the fact that they offer laid out solutions to problems that would take people hours to solve. They offer tips, tricks and advice on a particular subject.

Writing a great “How To” article is pretty straightforward. Find a topic in your niche/industry that requires the knowledge to solve a common problem that most people don’t posses. For example, you could write a simple article on how to make homemade salsa, change a lightbulb, install an awesome but tricky to configure piece of software etc…

Big Resources List

Everybody loves resources! Just like “How To” articles, creating a comprehensive list of resources about a specific subject is a real magnet for links, traffic and building authority.

So, how do you do it?

Simple. Your post should start with a short introduction, explaining what the article is about, how many resources the article contains, and the method you used to compile the list.

The rule of the thumb is – the more resources you have, the better. And to make you feel better you are making the world a better place by saving people time on finding resources and enabling them to learn more in less time.

Comprehensive Guides

Writing a guide about specific subject is always a winner. Guides are educational, informational and comprehensive.

Unlike regular blog posts, guides are much longer, often containing over 2,000 words. Because they’re longer, the authors have the opportunity of writing down everything they know about the subject.

Well researched and comprehensive guides often become a favorite go-to resource to many blog readers.

Remarkable Services/Tools/Product Reviews
Note: by remarkable reviews, we’re not thinking of spam affiliate websites

Remarkable reviews of services/tools/products is a great evergreen idea for a successful post.

Before buying a service/tool/product, a large majority of people spend hours doing research. That’s why these review posts are a great idea that work.

When writing a review article, be honest and straightforward. Explain where you purchased the services/tools/products, how much you paid, how you were treated, did you get what you expected etc.

It’s extremely important to write a review post without being paid for promotion. In case you got paid, let your readers know – being deceptive is never a good idea.

“101 Tips” Articles

“101 Tips” articles are an absolute delight for thousands of readers worldwide.

These types of articles are always longer and authors use bullet points for easier formatting. Sometimes, they take a while to write because – let’s be honest – it’s not easy to come up with 101 tips about any subject. But hey, that’s why they work!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use one of our 5 evergreen blogging ideas and enjoy the benefits of getting traffic, quality links and everything else that comes with a successful post.