Internet Marketing Audit

Is your business getting all it can from the Internet? Are you acquiring as many customers as you want? Do you feel that your online marketing budget is out of control?

If you think that there are better ways to spend your online marketing budget, you’re right. We can help you discover and correct weaknesses in your Internet marketing strategy; from tracking phone calls to media buying. We can help you get more customers at a lower cost.

Our Internet marketing audit will help you discover:

  • Missed Opportunities - we will work with you to identify new opportunities in traffic acquisition, conversion rate optimization, usability, positioning, branding, social media etc.
  • Mistakes - we all make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes can cost you more than a few customers. Whether your website is not search engine friendly or you’re not tracking important data, we will identify and help you correct those mistakes.
  • How To Optimize Your Internet Marketing Efforts - Internet marketing is not just about finding missed opportunities and correcting mistakes. It’s also about getting the right type of customers at the price you can afford. We will help you get more customers for less.

Internet marketing

What does an Internet marketing audit cover?

It includes everything that will help you get from where you’re right now to where you want to go! Our Internet marketing audits are not one-fits-all solutions. There is nothing boilerplate about them.

Depending on the complexity of your marketing situation, as well as your efforts, our web marketing audit can include:

  • an evaluation of your traffic acquisition efforts,
  • website’s usability,
  • your conversion rates,
  • content,
  • technical onsite SEO,
  • branding,
  • web analytics tracking and measurement models,
  • etc.

How Do I Know If An Internet Marketing Audit Will Be Valuable For My Business?

It’s simple - our web audit is comprehensive, yet full of actionable items that will be geared either towards making your current Internet marketing efforts more effective, or saving you money by improving your conversion rates, traffic acquisition campaigns etc. If you would like to talk about your current Internet marketing efforts, give us a call or fill out our form.