Pay-Per-Click Services

If you have a pay-per-click advertising budget or are thinking about establishing one, you are on the right page. Local Ants love measurable growth and PPC can deliver that for most local businesses in most industries. The key is to get new customers cost-effectively. We can help you.

Our PPC services include:

  • AdWords And Bing Account audits;
  • PPC campaign management;
  • Bid management;
  • Landing page and ad quality audits;
  • Google ad extensions;
  • Keyword research;
  • Negative keyword review;
  • Facebook ad management
  • and more.

How Can We Work Together?

Local Ants PPC team can help you with anything you might need, from a few hours of PPC consulting services to managing every aspect of your paid search strategy. The best part is – we are very flexible and willing to bend over backwards for you.

Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • You set up your PPC accounts, but you’re not sure if you did it right. One of our PPC experts will review your work and provide you with actionable suggestions.
  • You want to start investing in paid search, but you’re not sure where to begin. We can work together to develop a paid search strategy that will accomplish your business objectives and deliver the maximum ROI.
  • You just need someone to manage your PPC. In this scenario, we will take over your entire PPC management.